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Highbury Fields Tennis League

What you say

Here's a selection of comments that you have made about the League. Do keep them coming (even the criticisms!)




Thanks for organising the league, I really enjoyed it.


It was good fun so thanks for running this.


Thoroughly enjoyed the tournament though, thank you very much for organising.  Cannot wait for the next one!


Thanks for organising the leauge - it was lots of fun!


I am delighted to have a prize [a free can of balls] given I've lost every match so far! - and I am having a great time too. So if this is losing, it's definitely the way to do it!


 I'm half way through my singles games and despite losing all my matches so far, it's been great fun! I'm definitely looking forward to signing up for the next round. 


Tks again for organising, You have done another amazing job for the tennis fans of Highbury Fields!


Really enjoyed the league and looking forward already to the next one.


I really enjoyed the league and would definitely like to play in the next one.  Thanks for organising such a nice league


Thank you for organising this competition, I had so much fun playing.


Thanks for organising another great round.


I really enjoy this league as I have more opportunities to play with different players. My club is good but I need to play more games with different players. So I will definitely play in the next league as well!  


I must say I have really enjoyed my matches with a great bunch of people and have found my feet after not playing regularly for a few years. Now my confidence and consistency have improved I’m getting back to the form I remember. Looking forward to the next round.


Thanks for organising this wonderful tournament. It is lovely to get some regular tennis in. 


Many thanks as always for all your work on the league. I'm really enjoying it so far


I have thoroughly enjoyed the [mixed doubles] tournament, very well done indeed, hope to participate again next year.


You are doing a fantastic job organising this - I really appreciate it.  The last mixed double match we had is the best tennis match I have played for a very long time (even though we lost comprehensively!!) - I really enjoyed it.


Just to say that I very much appreciate what you have done for the tennis fanatics in London at a very high standard. 


Thanks once again for taking the time to organise such a fun event.


Thank you so much for organising all this. I have really enjoyed it  


I had a ball despite my dismal results sheet, and will definitely join up again for the next round. Thanks so much for organising all this.  B and I were saying last night how lovely it's been to meet so many nice people.

I just wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job in organising everyone. Without it Highbury wouldn’t have such a great and sociable tennis league – many thanks.


You are doing a great job organising this tennis! Everyone really appreciates all your efforts.


Thanks again for the great organising! I really enjoyed the matches



Warmest thanks for organising all this - it is always a marvel when the new groups pop up in my email box, with everything kneaded into shape.


Thanks so much for organising all of this - it's a great idea.


Really enjoyed this round.

I've really enjoyed playing so far and am keen to play more competitive tennis.  Thanks for all your work organising this.


Thanks for all the organising- I really enjoyed it!


I've now moved away so don't think I'll be able to take part in the next
round, unfortunately. But thank you so much for organizing this last year, I enjoyed it tremendously


I've really enjoyed all my matches so far, including the ones I've lost


Many thanks once again for organising the league. It has made a huge difference.


Thanks for organising everything BTW, you've done a sterling job!


Thanks for all your efforts in keeping the whole thing going - much appreciated


Thanks for organising the last league, I really enjoyed it. It's been really good to get some matchplay in - I'd forgotten how psychological tennis can be!


I'd like to thank you for organising the league. You're doing an excellent job. I really enjoyed it. 

Highbury Fields Tennis League